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Botox In Frisco TX: 5 Uses For Botox You May Not Know About

Botox Frisco TXNorth Texas dermatologists have been using Botox in Frisco TX to treat wrinkles for many years.  It works by blocking signals from the nerves to the muscles; injected muscles can no longer contract, which causes wrinkles to relax and soften.  Botox is the brand name of a toxin produced by Clostridium botulinum and was approved by the FDA for use as a muscle relaxer in the late 1980s.  At that time, it was used to treat blepharospasm or uncontrolled blinking and strabismus or lazy eye.  In 2002, the FDA approved Botox in Frisco TX for use on moderate to severe frown lines between the eyes.  In addition to the uses most of us are aware of, there are also some uses for Botox that may be surprising:

  1.  Gummy smile.  Smiles that show too much of the gums, usually caused by ‘excessive lip elevation,’ when the upper lip rises too far above the upper teeth, can be helped by Botox.  Although not yet approved for that use by the FDA, Botox injected into the upper lip will weaken the lip’s retractor muscles so that it won’t rise as much.

  1.  Migraine headaches.  In 2010, the FDA approved Botox for use in the treatment of chronic migraine headaches.  Migraines have traditionally been difficult to treat but Botox has given new hope to patients who suffer from them that they may live more pain-free lives.  Doctors aren’t exactly sure how Botox relieves migraine pain but it’s thought that the toxin prevents pain signals from reaching nerve endings.

  1.  Sagging breasts.  With Botox, perkier breasts can be had without going under the knife.  There are two sets of pectoral muscles in the chest – ones that pull down and ones that pull up.  When the muscles that pull down are injected with Botox, they relax and the action of the muscles that pull up is more visible, bringing the breasts up about a half of an inch to an inch.  The FDA hasn’t approved Botox for this purpose yet but it could offer a temporary breast lift for many patients.

  1.  Excessive sweating.  This is another FDA-approved use for Botox that many people don’t know about. Patients suffering from severe underarm sweating, sweaty hands and sweaty feet can be treated with injections of Botox in Frisco TX that block the release of the chemical responsible for stimulating the sweat glands.

  1.  Hair loss.  While this use for Botox is still being investigated, there is hope, based on anecdotal evidence, that it can stop hair loss and even stimulate hair growth.  It’s thought that it does this by relaxing scalp muscles to enhance blood flow.  The increased blood flow delivers nutrients to hair follicles more efficiently, allowing for hair regrowth.

If you’ve noticed those lines and wrinkles that come with aging, sun exposure and heredity, it’s time to think about giving Botox in FriscoTX a try.  Call Frisco Dermatology at (972) 712-3131 to schedule an appointment for a consultation with one of our board-certified dermatologists.  You can also visit us online at www.dermfrisco.com to find out more.

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