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Reducing the Appearance of Acne Scars with Cosmetic Dermatology

Living with acne scars is possible, but you can improve the look and overall health of your skin using cosmetic dermatology services. Unfortunately, you may not realize how much damage acne can do to your skin. With this guide, you will understand acne scarring and learn the best way to repair this damage to your skin. Formation of Scars Most people have experienced acne in their life. You may have suffered small pimples as a teenager or dealt with a face full of embarrassing acne. In some cases, you may have only developed hormonal acne as an adult. No matter Read more
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Acne Treatment Frisco TX How Chemical Peels Can Cure Acne

One of the most effective acne treatments in Frisco, TX is a chemical peel.  If home remedies have failed to address chronic breakouts or the resulting marks, chemical peels can help. Doctors and physician assistants at Frisco Dermatology Laser and Surgery Center can administer chemical peels. These treatments are actual acids that are applied to the skin on a regular basis to exfoliate the top dermal layer. The process works to reduce acne by causing skin cells to produce quicker, speeding up skin turnover and, therefore, avoiding clogged pores that lead to breakouts. According to, it is normal to Read more
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Acne Treatment Frisco TX Can Be Important Even as You Get Older

Despite the common misconception, acne treatment in Frisco TX is something many people need well into their 30’s, 40’s, and beyond. Acne problems are not just the result of teenage hormones, and they can persist even when you are meticulous about washing your face. Acne is a problem with your skin, and if you want to take care of your acne troubles once and for all, you need to contact a dermatologist. A skincare professional will be able to design for you an acne treatment in Frisco TX that will be able to handle the root cause of your acne Read more
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Acne Treatment Frisco TX: What You Need To Know About Acne

If you are a North Texan suffering from any form of acne, then you’ve probably thought about getting professional acne treatment in Frisco TX.  This is especially true if you have moderate to severe acne and if you’ve already tried over-the-counter medications and home remedies that haven’t worked.  The starting point for many people when it comes to seeking help is their primary care physician, who will likely make a referral to a dermatologist.  For others, the a faster and more direct route is to make an appointment with us at Frisco Dermatology to get the help of board-certified dermatologists. Read more
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Acne Scars Frisco TX Damage More Than The Face

Dermatologists recognize the effects acne scars in Frisco TX can have on self esteem. Unfortunately for many it isn’t positive. Make up can help in some situations but when the acne scars are severe even the best cover ups might not get the job done. Even though the imperfections are on the outside they can affect the way individuals feel on the inside. Social relationships, confidence, and self-esteem can be damaged due to the way a person feels about their outward appearance. The most severe side effect is depression. Deep inner turmoil can erupt and a lack of personal worth Read more
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Med Spas: A New Approach to Acne Scars in Frisco TX

Anyone who deals with acne knows the physical and emotional turmoil it can cause. If you are finally past the worst of it (or even if you aren’t) and your face is left scarred, you are probably looking for treatment options. Before you spend a fortune on creams and vitamin-enriched oils or lotions, consider chemical peels as a treatment for acne scars in Frisco TX. Chemical Peels There are different types of chemical peels that can help with acne scars in Frisco TX at medical spas.  Here are short descriptions of each type of peel and the benefits. Jessner Chemical Read more
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Acne Scars In Frisco TX: Don’t Live With Unsightly Acne Scars

Treating acne is hard enough; but when it’s gone and you’re left with acne scars in Frisco TX, it gets even harder.  Acne scars are a lifetime reminder of the acne you once dealt with and no one wants that kind of reminder.  If you look in the mirror and you’re upset about the way your skin looks, help is available.  At Frisco Dermatology Laser and Surgery Center, we can help.  We have several treatments and procedures that can help to get rid of or minimize your acne scars in Frisco TX.   Call us today at (972) 712-3131 or visit Read more
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Options for Acne Treatment in Frisco TX

Acne can be a serious problem that affects nearly every part of life if it’s bad enough. Unfortunately, acne doesn’t only affect teenagers. In fact, some people make it through their adolescent years without problems and then encounter acne only in adulthood. Whichever category you fall into, there are options for acne treatment in Frisco TX. When Prescriptions and Creams Aren’t Enough Perhaps you have seen the dermatologist and still have problems with acne. That is because all acne isn’t created equal. Some acne is caused by hormones, and other acne is bacterial. Most dermatologists prescribe lotions, face creams and Read more
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Acne Treatment In Frisco TX: What Women Need To Know About Acne

If you’re a woman thinking about seeking acne treatment in Frisco TX, then you probably know a little bit about the most common skin condition in the United States.  But, according to the American Academy of Dermatology, there is still very little clear information about adult acne to be found.  The following is some basic information you need to know about women and acne: Acne isn’t just pimples.  Acne is also whiteheads, blackheads, papules (like pimples without the pus), cysts and nodules.  Many different kinds of blemishes that appear on the face, back, neck, shoulders, arms and buttocks are acne. Acne Read more