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Dermatology Specialists for The Treatment of Eczema

Dermatology Specialists Frisco TXSeeking our professional help is common for acne, wrinkles, and age spots but most people are surprised to learn that dermatology specialists can also treat patients with eczema. Considering an estimated 15 million adults and children in American suffer from the condition, understanding the different options to treat eczema is imperative. If you or a family member have developed eczema, use this guide to determine the best treatment option for this unappealing and uncomfortable skin condition.

Proper Skincare

When you have eczema, you must keep your skin clean and moisturized at all times. However, it is also important that you avoid over-washing your face, since many cleansers will irritate the skin further and increase discomfort. In addition, avoid using hot water while bathing and washing your face.  Hot water increases the inflammation of your skin and prevents eczema from healing.

After bathing and washing your face use a clean, soft towel to pat your skin dry. Do not rub the towel against your skin. Also, moisturize your skin within a few minutes after washing. This will ensure the moisturizers lock in to your skin, helping manage your eczema and reduce discomfort. Dermatology specialists can offer a few suggestions for safe and effective cleansers and moisturizers to ease your eczema.

Always wear soft fabric, such as cotton. Cotton allows your skin to breathe while dressed, keeping your skin cool and comfortable.

Lastly, make sure to trim your fingernails short. Since eczema causes your skin to feel itchy, scratching your skin with long, sharp, or jagged fingernails will only increase your discomfort.

Topical Medications

Your dermatologist can also prescribe a few creams to apply to your skin each day. Topical  corticosteroids contain steroids, which reduce inflammation. Over time, using these topical creams will reduce irritation, redness, itching, and your overall discomfort.

While effective for relief, proper cleansing and moisturizing of the skin is still necessary while using topical corticosteroids.

Photo Facials

If you suffer with eczema, you most likely will shy away from the opportunity to have your photo taken. Fortunately, photo facials are beneficial for easing your eczema and improving the look and health of your skin.

Utilizing a special device, your dermatologist will focus light energy onto areas of your skin affected by eczema or other skin disorders. This light removes age spots and wrinkles while increasing the skin’s production of collagen to tighten and heal your skin.

Living with eczema can be difficult, but professionals can help you ease discomfort while healing your skin. To learn more about treatments and skincare for eczema, contact the dermatology specialists in Frisco TX from Frisco Dermatology Laser and Surgery Center at (972) 712-3131.

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