Medical Procedures

Facial Redness

Facial redness can be caused by a skin condition called rosacea, or simply years of sun exposure. The red appearance is composed of numerous broken blood vessels deposited in the skin. No creams or pills can remove them as they are already physically present. The only treatment option is to laser to remove them without injuring the skin. We have the V-beam Perfecta, the most specific and effective laser to treat the redness. Consult one of our physicians if you would like to discuss further about the treatment.

Brown Spots

Many people are bothered by the brown spots or age spots as discoloration makes them appear older than they actually are. However, most of the over-the-counter cosmetic products are not strong enough to remove them or only temporarily remove them There are several professional treatment choices to remove the brown spots and even-out the skin tone. First, a combination of sunscreen, vitamin-C serum, skin-lightening cream (prescription strength) can lighten the spots, and is safe for darker-skinned individual. Second, chemical peels can also remove brown spots by peeling away cells containing pigment and/or cells producing pigment. Third, Lasers can be used for resistent spots. Consult one of our physicians if you are interested in learning more about the above treatment options.

Laser Resurfacing

This is a more aggressive all-in-one procedure to remove brown spots, fine wrinkles, rough dull skin, shallow scars, and improve overall texture, tone and color of your skin. We utilize an Erbium-Yag laser, which offers similar technology that is used in Fraxel, Pixel, etc. The laser will evaporate a layer of skin and allow new skin to regenerate. Make an appointment with one of our physicians for a full consultation.

Scar Revision

There many types of scar and you may be bothered by certain aspects of your scar such as color, texture, contour and deformity. The treatment choices depend on the type of the scar and what you want to improve.

Torn Earlobe Repair

This is a cosmetic surgical procedure to re-attach the split parts of the earlobe resulting from a traumatic tear. The earlobe will be reconstructed to its original appearance. Usually about 8 weeks after the procedure, you may get your ears pierced again. We also offer medical grade ear piercing. You should avoid heavy earrings if you are prone to earlobe tear.

Permanent Make-Up

Provides natural and realistic beauty without the concerns of adverse reactions. The unique tool is a comb-like instrument composed of 12 medical stainless steel needles. With a gentle stroke, it draws individual hairs with the texture of the eyebrow root and tip. The vegetable oil creamy pigment adheres to the shallowest part of the skin to form protruding lines, with the advantages of no pain, no bleeding, no swelling, no scarring and no discoloration. The same technique is also used for eyeliners. A variety of natural colors are available for lip enhancement. Eye lash extenders are attractive alternatives to fake eyelashes.

Cosmetic Procedures

Chemical Peel

Chemical peel uses a chemical solution to improve the texture of the facial skin and even out the skin tone by removing its damaged outer layers. There are three types of chemical peels offered:

Jessner Chemical Peel

This chemical peel has the advantage of very little to no down-time. The procedure takes about 10 minutes. A thin layer of Jessner solution is applied to the treatment area. You may feel minor tingling and burning, but an iced mask will be placed on your face to minimize the discomfort. After the treatment, your face will be slightly red, which can easily be covered up with foundation. For the next few days, the skin will be slightly tight and flaky. With moisturizer and foundation, it is usually not noticeable. Since it is a relatively superficial chemical peel, you need to have multiple treatments, about five, to reach desired results.

Glycolic Chemical Peel

Glycolic acid is derived from sugar cane. It increases the turnover of the skin, remove brown pigment, and stimulate synthesis. The solution is applied to the treatment area, and after certain time, it needs to be neutralized. You may not notice any peeling afterwards as the dead skin cells will shed microscopically. You may feel minor tingling and burning, even less so than the jessner chemical peel. Depending on the concentration of the glycolic acid used, you may have 1-2 days of redness, or no visible signs at all. Your physician will pick the starting concentration for your skin type, and with each treatment, the solution may be left on longer to achieve the desired results.

Trichloracetic Acid Chemical Peel

TCA chemical peel has been the gold standard in treating facial wrinkles, brown spots, large pores, and rough texture. However it has fallen out of favor because of its significant down time. But if you have the time, able to handle the post-op care, and only desires a value product that may achieve 50-80% of what laser resurfacing can achieve without paying the price, this is the right procedure for you. A thin layer of TCA solution will be applied to treated area. You will feel some intense burning but only for a few minutes. There will be sensitivity, crusting, drainage and swelling after the procedure, but no severe pain involved. In most cases, face/neck/chest completely heals in one week, and a layer of skin will peel off in 10-14 days if the procedure is done on other parts of the body. Your physician will pick the right concentration for your skin type. You may have to take some medication to prevent potential infection.


Botox® is a protein that prevent the wrinkles from forming. If you see wrinkles only when you smile, this is the window period when you can actually do something to improve your appearance for the next 20 to 30 years. When you already have deep lines, it is too late to treat with Botox®. We offer Botox® from authentic Allegan company, administered by board-certified dermatologists. Depending on how many units you need to relax the wrinkles, the price can be as low as $180. Call for a consultation with one of our physicians if you have never had it done, or you can simply schedule an appointment if you have already received Botox® in the past.


Restylane® is a semi-permanent gel-like substance to fill furrows, scars and create facial volume that gives the youthful look. It is made from pure hyaluronic acid, a natural substance in your own skin. After the desired areas are marked, Restylane® is introduced into skin with a fine needle. Although the procedure is usually fairly tolerable, your physician may still decide to use numbing cream prior to the injection. You will experience some bruising, redness and swelling, which usually resolve within a few days. The effect lasts about 6 months, and individual result may vary.

Photo Facial

This is a procedure to rejuvenate your skin with light energy. It removes redness, brown spots, wrinkles, as well as stimulates collagen synthesis and tighten the skin. It is an effective and relatively safe treatment to address all aspects of sun damage and aging process.


If you have an unsightly scar that you are considering surgery, a much better option is available with laser technology. Keloid is an abnormal scar tissue growth at the site of injury. So any further trauma, including a surgery, may induce more scar tissue. The safer and more effective way of treating these lesions is to combine laser therapy with steroid solution. Consult one of our physicians to remove your keloid in a non-surgical way.


Dysport removes wrinkle in a way that is very similar to botox. It has been used in European countries for years before it was brought to USA for FDA approval by Medicis. It has a slightly faster onset of action than botox. You may see improvement sooner with Dysport than with botox. It is also priced more affordable, and therefore more popular among our patients. The side-effects profile is also comparable to that of Botox. Call for a consultation with one of our physicians to see if you are a good candidate for Dysport.

Leg Veins

Superficial leg veins can be removed non-surgically by sclerotherapy or laser technology. Sclerotherapy is a technique to remove varicose veins and spider veins by injection a solution. There is also a state-of-art laser available at our clinic to remove leg veins. You may obtain a consultation to determine the best option for you.

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