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3 Myths About Acne Scars that Deserve to be Debunked

Considering your skin is your largest organ, you should spend time learning how to avoid premature aging, blemishes, and acne scars. Unfortunately, acne scarring is one of the most common skin conditions that affect both teenagers and adults. While common, most people do not know the truth behind acne and the after effects. Below we debunk a few popular myths regarding acne scarring. Popping Your Pimples Causes Scars You may have heard your mom or an older friend say you should never pop your pimples because this can lead to scars. However, that is not actually the case. While popping your Read more
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How Hair Care Products Create the Need for Acne Treatment Frisco TX

If you have a need for acne treatment Frisco TX, you might be surprised to learn that the hair care products you’re using may be causing the problem. Frisco Dermatology Laser & Surgery Center can help you with chronic acne, but there are some things that you can do to help your treatments. Use gentle shampoos and conditioners so that if they get on your face, they won’t be harsh on your skin. Also, wash your face after using any hair care products, whether you’re using shampoo, conditioner, gel, hairspray or any other hair products. Call  Frisco Dermatology Laser & Read more
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Acne Treatment Frisco TX: How To Prevent Adult Acne

Most of us think of acne and acne treatment Frisco TX as problems that only teens enduring the hormonal changes of puberty have to deal with.  Unfortunately, acne can afflict us from our teen years all the way through our forties and beyond.  If you struggle with adult acne, then you should know that there are a few things you can do to prevent breakouts: Acne Treatment Frisco TX:  Watch What You Eat As a teenager, you probably heard that eating greasy food can cause pimples.  Though this has never been proven to be true, it is true that some foods Read more
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Acne Treatment Frisco TX: Sneaky Ways You’re Sabotaging Your Skin

You may wash your face every night, drink loads of water and have a serious skin care regime, but you may be ruining your skin in ways you may not even know and ultimately require acne treatment Frisco TX because of it. Just about everyone suffers through an unsightly blemish in at least one point in life, but the cause of the break out may be for a reason you never even thought of. Acne Treatment Frisco TX: Wash—and Watch—What You Put on Your Face You may not pay much attention to what goes near your face, but you should. Read more
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Acne Treatment Frisco TX: Don’t Hide in Shame Anymore

Admitting you need acne treatment Frisco TX can be a difficult task and often rather embarrassing. After spending way too much money on every skin care cream, scrub, oil and wash that claim to eliminate your acne problem, but never does, it’s time to invest in finding the sure answer through a professional dermatologist.  At Frisco Dermatology Laser & Surgery Center, we have the medical expertise to assess your individual condition and present the best acne treatment meant just for you. Call us today at (972) 712-3131 or visit us online at www.dermfrisco.com for more information on the services we offer. Read more
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Acne Treatment Frisco TX: 4 Steps To #NoFilter Selfie-Worthy Skin

Just because you suffer from acne doesn’t mean you have to toss all those holiday invites from friends and family. Even if you’re facing a breakout, these fast tips from our acne treatment Frisco TX pros will give you the confidence you need to hog the eggnog and the spotlight. All it takes is some non-comedogenic makeup, clean hands, and a little practice, you can create a flawless finish – no filter or special effects needed! Acne Treatment Frisco TX Great Skin Tips Hands off! You probably know this already, but it bears repeating: breaking the skin with picking or Read more
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Acne Treatment In Frisco, TX: Stop Living With Acne!

The bad news is that you’ve been dealing with acne for many years, but the good news is that effective acne treatment in Frisco, TX is just a phone call away.  When you call us at Frisco Dermatology, we can tell you about the many types of treatments available for acne and how you may benefit from them.  There’s no reason to live with the pain, scarring and embarrassment of acne when Frisco Dermatology can offer you an acne treatment in Frisco, TX that is sure to be effective in lessening or eliminating your problem.  Call us at Frisco Dermatology Read more
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Acne Treatment in Frisco, TX: When to Call an Expert

Do you struggle with constant acne issue that plagues you no matter what steps you have taken? If so, it may be time to seek professional acne treatment in Frisco, TX. There are several ways to help prevent acne, but when they stop working or if they never worked to begin with, that’s when you should consider setting up an appointment with a professional. Here are some basic acne prevention tips to assess whether it’s time for you to seek professional treatment. Clean Your Face This may seem basic, but it goes beyond just splashing some water on your fact one or Read more
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Acne Treatment Frisco TX: Care For Your Skin That Works

When you suffer from acne, it can make life a little duller.  At Frisco Dermatology Laser and Surgery Center, we know all about skin and about acne treatment in Frisco TX to make your skin be the best it can be. We will help you find the right combination of products and procedures that will help your skin glow and find the great skin underneath. Whether you’re a teenager suffering from the first bouts of acne or an adult who has suffered with acne for years, we can help.  Call us today at (972) 712-3131 to schedule your appointment or Read more
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Acne Treatment in Frisco TX: Avoid Making Common Mistakes

Too many people attempt to treat their acne alone and with methods that are more crude than they realize. For example, toners and cleansers seem like normal treatment. However, they can be particularly harsh on your skin, particularly for sensitive, oily, or acne-prone skin. These cleansers can remove the essentials skin oils and leave your skin dry, inspiring it to increase its oil production thus resulting in more problems. Professional acne treatment in Frisco TX is the way to go; other methods are really just common mistakes. Exfoliating with sugar and other granulated things can be problematic, especially on open pimples. The Read more