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These Factors Will Determine If Botox Will Be Effective For You

Botox Frisco TXIf you’ve heard of Botox but you’re not sure what it can do, you should know that it is a neurotoxin that is a powerful treatment used for a variety of medical reasons including treating migraine headaches and excessive sweating. By far the most common use for Botox is for cosmetic treatments that smooth brow wrinkles and eliminate smile lines.  If you’re considering Botox for cosmetic reasons, you should know that there are a number of factors that will determine how effective Botox treatments will be for you.

The Kinds Of Wrinkles You Want To Eliminate
There are basically two types of wrinkles on your face – static and dynamic.  Static wrinkles are there all the time, even when your face is resting.  Dynamic wrinkles appear when you move your face, like the wrinkles that you see around your eyes when you smile or on your forehead when you furrow your brow.  When your face is resting, dynamic wrinkles disappear.  Botox blocks muscles from moving so it will only work on dynamic, not static, wrinkles.  With long-term use, Botox can keep shallow static wrinkles from becoming deeper; the best solution, generally, for static wrinkles is hyaluronic acid-based facial fillers like Restylane.

How Much Botox You’re Treated With  
Not every syringe a physician uses contains the same concentration of Botox.  Botox is shipped to your physician vacuum-dried in airless vials and must be reconstituted with a sterile saline solution before it can be injected into your face.  The dilution per vial can vary between 1 and 10 milliliters of saline and depends on the physician and what they hope to achieve with different concentrations of Botox.  Some physicians use more diluted Botox on some areas and more concentrated Botox on others, depending on their experience and how each patient responds.  Often, less reputable practitioners regularly “water down” Botox to make it stretch and that can greatly reduce the effectiveness and the results of Botox treatments.

The Person Administering Your Botox Treatments  
Botox is injected into your skin, which makes its application an invasive procedure; and as with any kind of invasive medical procedure, the best person to perform it is a medical doctor – preferably a dermatologist or a cosmetic surgeon – who is trained in anatomy, is board-certified and who maintains a respected and professionally run practice.  Never allow yourself to be injected with Botox in a non-medical setting like at a home “Botox party” or in the mall.  These settings are likely not going to be hygienic or have proper storage for the Botox and an unskilled injector will not know exactly where and how much of the solution to inject.

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